Seated Thousand Armed Avalokitesvara with Great Compassion Mantra

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Another beautiful wallpaper of the Eleven Headed Thousand Armed Thousand Eyed Avalokitesvara, similar to the previous wallpaper. In this wallpaper, Avalokitesvara is seated over a Lotus, next to which the Great Compassion Mantra is seen in Chinese. The Title of the scroll reads “Dai Bei Zhou”  i.e Great Compassion Mantra


Thousand Armed Avalokitesvara with Great Compassion Mantra – 1

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A very beautiful wallpaper of the Eleven Headed Thousand Armed Thousand Eyed Avalokitesvara (ekādaśamukha sahasrabhuja sahasranetra avalokiteśvara – एकादशमुख सहस्रभुज सहस्रनेत्र अवलोकितेश्वर )  accompanied with the Great Compassion Mantra.  This Typical Chinese Guan Yin/Kuan Yin figure is Androgynous. The Eleven heads are arranged in three layers. The Principal 42 arms carry various weapons and instruments, the remaining multitude of the arms, form the background. Each of the palms carry an Eye. Avalokitesvara is seen standing over a Lotus. Next to the Thousand Armed Avalokitesvara are seen scrolls where the Great Compassion Mantra is inscribed in Chinese (Read Top – >Down, Right -> left – The usual reading order of Classical Chinese )

Bone Avalokitesvara

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Bone Avalokitesvara800

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva of Compassion is known for taking a variety of forms, to teach the Dharma. He may appear as Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra, Naga, Yaksha, Gandharva or any appearence depending upon the person to impart Dharma on him.

The above picture is a very artistic imagination of a Bodhisattva-like figure. May be Avalokitesvara, will take a form like this to instruct Dharma to the Demons and the Hungry Ghosts (Pretas)  😛 . The figure has 3 heads (or rather Skulls 😆 ) and 6 arms. Two of those arms carry a Sword, while another arm holds a ‘Mala”. The others two arms form a “Dhyana Mudra” (Meditation Mudra) and the remaining hand has the “Vitarka Mudra” (Discourse Mudra). This another beautiful picture from Deviantart .

Buddha Statue in Forest

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A beautiful wallpaper that I came across in deviant art site. It has a Statue of the Buddha placed in a a forest. Incidentally, the wallpaper is titled “Live and Pray“.  From the Halo of the Buddha, different patterns are seen to emerge. The Buddha shows the Abhaya Mudra (Fearlesness Mudra) in one hand, and Varada Mudra (Giving Mudra) in the other hand.

Vajradharma HriH – Plain Blue

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This is very simple looking bluish wallpaper. It has the heart Mantra of Compassion in Siddham Script, devoted to Avalokiteshvara.

The Mantra is ॐ वज्रधर्म ह्रीः – oṁ vajradharma hrīḥ .

The Main Seed Syllable (Bijakshara) hrīḥ is found in the centre of the circle, with the white background. The remaining five syllables – oṁ   va    jra    dha   rma – are arranged circling around the hrīḥ . oṁ is present at the bottom, beneath the hrih, followed by va   jra […]  in clockwise direction.

Also, Five rays can been seen emitted from the Center Seed Syllable. These rays penetrate through the remaining five syllable and spread away.  For, hrīḥ is the Bija of Amitabha Buddha – the Buddha of Infinite Light and Splendor.

The wallpaper was found in site.

See also this:

Casket Seal Dharani –

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I  had reservations whether to post this or not, since it was nearly the same as the previous one. But still, since people seemed to have liked the last one, I am posting this also, from the same website .

This wallpaper is very similar to the previous Post of Ushnisha Vijaya Dharani. But it has the Siddham Syllables of “Casket Seal Dharani” or “Karanda Mudra Dharani” around the Buddha, instead of Ushnisha Vijaya Dharani. The Title in Siddham reads “ārya sarva tathāgatādhiṣṭhita hṛdaya guhya karaṇḍa mudrā nāma dhāraṇī – आर्य सर्व तथागताधिष्ठित हृदय गुह्य करण्ड मुद्रा नाम धारणी“.

Usnisa Vijaya Dharani –

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dharani-pitaka-usnisa-vijaya dharani800

A Nice Wallpaper, that I came across at It has the  Ushnisha Vijaya Dharani ( उष्णीष विजय धारणी – Uṣnīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī ), translated into english as ” Buddha-Crown Victory Dhāraṇī “.  The Wallpaper has the Buddha with a Touching-Earth Mudra (Bhūmī Sparśa Mudra – भूमी स्पर्श मुद्र) at the Center, with the Syllables of Dharani in Siddham is seen , encircling around Him. The Dharani start at the  Middle of the Inner Circle, right above the the Ushnisha (Crown) of the Buddha.

The Title of the Wallpaper in Siddham reads, ” Sarva Durgati Pariśodhana Uṣnīṣa Vijaya Dhāraṇī – सर्व दुर्गति परिशोधन उष्णीष विजय धारणी “.  Which can be translated into Engish as ” All Misfortune Purifying Buddha-Crown Victory Dharani“. If any of you guys have any idea about the Chinese Text in the Wallpaper, post it here !!

But still I have my own idea of a Wallpaper with the Usnisa Vijaya Dharani, which I will post soon. 🙂 .