Buddha Statue in Forest





A beautiful wallpaper that I came across in deviant art site. It has a Statue of the Buddha placed in a a forest. Incidentally, the wallpaper is titled “Live and Pray“.  From the Halo of the Buddha, different patterns are seen to emerge. The Buddha shows the Abhaya Mudra (Fearlesness Mudra) in one hand, and Varada Mudra (Giving Mudra) in the other hand.


~ by Vinodh on June 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Buddha Statue in Forest”

  1. ◦°˚˚˚°◦Büddhã♡Blε§ U ◦°˚˚˚°◦ 
    §abbe §atta Bhavantu §ukhitatta ☆º°˚˚_/|\_§ªϑ♓û! 3X✽º°˚*☆

  2. Beautiful Picture.

  3. Buddha’s way the path to freedom………

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