Vajradharma HriH – Plain Blue


This is very simple looking bluish wallpaper. It has the heart Mantra of Compassion in Siddham Script, devoted to Avalokiteshvara.

The Mantra is ॐ वज्रधर्म ह्रीः – oṁ vajradharma hrīḥ .

The Main Seed Syllable (Bijakshara) hrīḥ is found in the centre of the circle, with the white background. The remaining five syllables – oṁ   va    jra    dha   rma – are arranged circling around the hrīḥ . oṁ is present at the bottom, beneath the hrih, followed by va   jra […]  in clockwise direction.

Also, Five rays can been seen emitted from the Center Seed Syllable. These rays penetrate through the remaining five syllable and spread away.  For, hrīḥ is the Bija of Amitabha Buddha – the Buddha of Infinite Light and Splendor.

The wallpaper was found in site.

See also this:


~ by Vinodh on June 5, 2009.

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