Avalokitesvara – Vajradharma


Download Wallpaper:




This Wallpaper has Six Images of Avalokitesvara in Different Mudras:

From Top Left in Horizontal Order:

1) Nirmitā Mudra – Buddha Transformation Hand Gesture

2) Paśa Mudra – Lasso Hand Gesture

3) Abhaya Mudra – Fearlessness Hand Gesture

4) Cāmari Mudra – Flywhisk Hand Gesture

From Bottom Left in Horizontal Manner:

5) Kavaca Mudra – Sheild Hand Gesture

6) Parasū Mudra – Axe Mudra

7) Willow branch mudra

8 ) Kunta Mudra – Spear Hand Gesture

Mudra Information and the Images got from here: http://www.lioncity.net/buddhism/index.php?showtopic=41012&view=findpost&p=942634

The Wallpaper has the Syllables in the Heart of the Great Compassion Mantra a.k.a Maha Karunika Chitta Dharani (महा कारुणीक चित्त धारणी – mahā kāruṇīka citta dhāraṇī) between the Images:

The Heart of the Great Compassion Mantra is:

oṁ vajradharma hrīḥ

ॐ वज्रधर्म ह्रीः

Vajradharma is the Esoteric Name of Avalokiteshvara.

Hrih is the Seed Syllable of Avalokitesvara.

Each Syllable of the Mantra is placed between the images as said before. and Seed Syllable hūṁ at the Center of the Wall Paper.

om   va    jra


dha  rma  hrIH

~ by Vinodh on February 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Avalokitesvara – Vajradharma”

  1. I see the 11 faces. What is the significance of the eight gestures?

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